Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless running game for the mobile platform, co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games. Launched in the year 2012, Subway Surfers is still one of the most popular mobile games constantly topping charts on iOS and PlayStore.

Players don the role of a youthful thug running down railway tracks to escape the inspector and his dog. While on his endless run, players need to navigate the character using swipes and slides to evade oncoming obstacles. In addition to gameplay, players can also look forward to exploring different cities of the world. As with every update of the game, new cities are introduced, and the terrain keeps changing depending upon where the character is.

This has primarily been the mantra of success for Subway Surfer as it adds a very unique twist to the game, and at the same time attracts local audience. For many players, that’s the one thing that they are looking forward to. The success can also be attained through Subway Surfer hack.


One of the recent updates includes the city of Seoul, where players need to guide the character along the tracks of this South Korean city. The update also adds a new character named Mina.

The Seoul update was followed by the pristine city of Hawaii, as a part of the game’s world tour feature. Just like the Seoul update, the Hawaii update also brings with it a new character named Izzy. Of course you need huge amount of coins to buy these characters and therefore a Subway Surfer hack can help you get these.

With the new update, players can also join the Top Run race and compete against their friends. They can also use the new character named Izzy. As far as weekly Hunts are concerned, players can collect Tiki masks for an opportunity to avail great prizes.


The success of Subway Surfer for most the part, is because of its Currency System. The game has a slight leverage over its competitors as players don’t have to spend real money if they want to buy additional items in the game. Players can collect as many coins as possible for upgrades and power ups.

Moreover, the game also includes daily challenges to keep players coming back for more. Player’s can access the game’s main menu where they can find Missions and Daily Challenge tabs on top. Daily Challenges usually include picking up letters that form a complete word while Missions demands players to achieve various things in the game. Upon completion of these daily challenges and missions, players are entitled to prizes like coins and power-ups.


Run as fast as you can, and evade oncoming trains and obstacles, that’s what Subway Surfer is all about and it does the job really well. Its a great concept with some exciting twists along the way on what is fast becoming a tired genre. It does redefine the endless runner genre, offering enough to keep the genre going. Its missions offer enough variety to keep you coming back to the game, with quirky and fun characters. Subway Surfer is one of those endless runner that’s certainly worth a try.